British Lions 2017

Heathrow Airport

Supply and install of Stair Banner

The initial part of the contract was to carry out a survey for a set of mobile stairs at Heathrow airport. Once the survey was completed, the artwork was sent over from Sydney for the Banner to be produced.

It was then agreed to complete a trial run of the installation of the Banner, more to get the banner on Airside and have time to complete the installation on the day that the team left for New Zealand. The main install was to be completed on a bank holiday Monday and we were worried about the weather conditions, which turned out to be fine. The installation went well and was completed in time for the players ready to stand on the stairs before the schedule flight time of 13:00

One other thing, as the stairs were leaning against an airbus 380 we had to increase our insurance to £60m. I really don’t know how much these planes cost but I’m glad to say we didn’t damage it.

“I want to pass on my personal thanks for everything you delivered yesterday. The outcome is superb and I’m seeing fantastic imagery across the globe on social and news websites in both the UK and NZ. Thank you for all working together to achieve this in a short timescale and with many considerations for working airside. Please also share with the entire installation team.

Have a great rest of the week and continue to look out for coverage across social media and in the news.”

Thanks again Olivia